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MyTro by John Biggs, a fantastic middle grade read

Mytro - John Biggs

Mytro is the story of Paul (known as Turtle), an 8th grade boy in New York who discovers a mysterious “train” station and meets a (temporarily) mysterious girl, Agata, whose parents have gone missing.  It is an action-adventure/science fiction novel that leans  toward fantasy, includes some fun with alternate-history and dips a big toe briefly into horror. 


MyTro is the second self-published book I have read, and the second one to obliterate my pre-conceptions of the quality of a self-published book.  A well-written and fast paced middle grade novel, John Biggs has created an extremely readable, fast-paced story.  Admittedly, I was a bit unsure in the first few chapters of  this seemingly standard middle grade boy type story, but by chapter four I was very interested and chapter five’s first paragraph had me completely hooked.  My middle school aged nephew, who has just started reading the book, informed me that he was hooked by chapter three.  


Though this novel reads well as a complete story within itself and could have been left as a stand-alone novel, it is the start of a trilogy.  I am very interested to see where the author takes the story next (and my inner Doctor Who fan loved it too, as I could easily see a story for the Doctor being lifted from or inspired by this novel).


I was the lucky recipient of a free copy, courtesy of the author, through a booklikes giveaway.  Here is a summary of my honest opinion: If you enjoy middle grade fiction or if any of the descriptions of this book interest you, buy a copy!  When the second MyTro book comes out, I certainly will.