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Frozen by Meljean Brook

Frozen -  Meljean Brook

Frozen is a bit different from the other short fiction I’ve read by Meljean Brook (Here There Be Monsters, Salvage) in that it is not a steampunk adventure/romance but rather a first person narrative of a modern-day career woman who unknowingly steps (or, rather, is sent) into the midst of an ancient family feud/curse situation complete with shape-shifting descendants of mythical gods.


Olivia is a tough, smart narrator who doesn’t understand why the only man she’s ever thought could be “The One” turned so frosty towards her.  Eric can be funny and charming but she knows not to expect a warm welcome when her boss, who is also Eric’s father, sends her on a business errand to Eric’s snow-bound home in the middle of nowhere. 


One of the things I most like about this story is how well intentioned Eric is and that Olivia narration lets us glimpse this even when she herself can’t see it.  This is deftly done as it is not her being obtuse, but rather the poor communication between the characters.


An interesting and enjoyable read.  Recommended for fans of short romantic  paranormal fiction (with a warning that there is a bit of graphic content).


I won an e-book copy of Frozen on Twitter from Vi (@vi_dao) of happinessbook.wordpress.com.  Thanks, Vi!


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