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Lazarus, Vol. 2: Lift by Michael Lark (author) Greg Rucka (author)

Lift - Michael Lark, Brian Level, Greg Rucka

Lazarus, Vol 2.: Lift is a satisfying continuation of the dystopian story begun in Lazarus: Family.  The truce between the Moray and Carlyle "Families" is holding and Forever continues to question her role.  Where Family established the setting and introduced the mafia-style rule of the Family, Lift shows a broader view of society and the precarious life of Waste.  The unrest is also more centered on the Waste, those not registered as Serfs and therefore not employed or protected by a Family.


Each chapter begins with a flashback to Forever's childhood and training as a Lazarus.  The chapters then follow various characters, most notably the Barrett family.  The Barretts are Waste, farmers dependent on the family to sell them seed, to buy their crops, and in return they pay heavy taxes.  Throughout the graphic novel we follow their journey from their farm to Lift, where Waste are selected to become Serfs.


Continuity was no issue with this second of the Lazarus series, even in the muted, sometimes bleak, illustrations.  I look forward to future installments, with particular interest in Forever's story.


This review refers to a "Read Now" copy received through NetGally in exchange for an honest review.

PG-13 or higher due to language and lewd behavior.