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Review of The Athena Effect by Derrolyn Anderson

The Athena Effect  - Derrolyn Anderson

First, confession time, when I initially discovered the Giveaway page on booklikes, I entered to win a copy of Derrolyn Anderson’s The Athena Effect. I was also a new Kindle owner and when I won a copy, I didn’t understand what to do or how… so, many months later, when it was available as a free Kindle book on Amazon’s US site, I jumped on it (partly to make up for the earlier situation).


The preface will draw you in, setting the stage with a young couple on the run. What follows is the story of their daughter, Caledonia, as she must learn to live in society after being raised in isolation, completely off the grid.  Into her story comes a young man, Cal, who has also lost his parents, but in very different circumstances.  Conflicts occur due to each of their living situations, and to the evil that Caledonia’s parents had hidden her from.


I was a bit hesitant to continue reading once Caledonia’s special talents were revealed to the reader, as “New Age” stories do not appeal to me. But that aspect of the book is handled in such an interesting way that I did not mind it at all. It was less “New Age” and more a slow building of “here is a special talent, how it grows, why it happened and how it should and shouldn’t be used.”


At its core, this is the story of two people who have suffered great loss and how they rescue themselves and each other from their circumstances. It does cross into New Adult territory, but not in an overly graphic way.


An interesting and, at times, exciting read. I enjoyed The Athena Effect, and while I am not rushing to read the sequels (I gravitate more towards adult rather than YA/NA novels), they are now on my radar.