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Review of A Myth to the Night: parts I-V by Cora Choi

A Myth to the Night: Parts I-V - Cora Choi

Hugh Fogg is the last member of the massacred Order of the Crane left on Stauros Island. Not a living member, however, as he died in 1615 along with the other monks of the order. Hugh chose to stay as a phantom, to wait for the Slayer of the Shadow of Fear and to continue to resist the Order of the Shrike. But he is labeled the Demon of Stauros Island and students he shares his book with begin to disappear…


Though a bit short on character development and world building, and a bit of an inconsistent feel, I found myself enjoying the journey through the story. Many of the mythical characters do not have their legends explained, but that does not hamper the tale. To include them would have been a distraction from their interactions with Hugh and the modern day characters, needlessly fragmenting the story.


When I began reading, I thought that A Myth to the Night would not continually hold my interest, but it did. I was able to predict some of the key events and reveals but that left me with a sense of satisfaction rather than the usual impatience I feel for a story with a predictable twist. There was at least one moment where I thought “after that, how can the story go on?”


A Myth to the Night is a good story that with additional character development and world building could be excellent.


I received an invitation to read A Myth to the Night, parts I-V from the author on Net Galley, shortly after signing up. This, in return, is my brief but honest and hopefully spoiler-free review.