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Stars & Swipes, 30 postcards of Awkward Americana by Wilhelm Staehle - review

Stars and Swipes: 30 Postcards of Awkward Americana - Wilhelm Staehle

Stars & Swipes is a collection of 30 high quality postcards printed on thick cardstock.  Full of roll your eyes while you chuckle patriotic silliness, this will be a fun way to send notes to friends and family (if I can give any of them up) and would make a great gift.


Most of the jokes amused me (The Oregano Trail!) and all at least bring a smile, but the one of President Taft and his bathtub raised the skeptic in me.  That story isn't necessarily true... not that it matters in the context of a postcard...


If you are familiar with Wilhelm Staehle's website www.silhouettemasterpiecetheater.com, then you will not be disappointed in the level of dry humor found here.  If you are familiar with Quirk Books, then you won't be surprised by the high quality of the presentation.


I would so fan-girl Quirk Books if fan-girling a publisher were a thing, but instead I just cyber-stalk them and enter all of their giveaways on booklikes.  Sometimes I win, and this review is the result of winning this and the second postcard book, Hugs and Misses.