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Finally finished Among Others!

Among Others - Jo Walton

At about halfway through, I wanted to stop reading but continued on as it was part of a buddy read.  After taking a few weeks off from reading it (holidays, illness and surgery), I found I was able to let go of trying to analyse (is the magic real, a delusion, a coping mechanism...) and just experience Morwenna's diary.  While there were still passages I would rather have not been included, making this a more uncomfortable read at times, I am glad I stuck it out to the end which was "brill."


Jo Walton is an author I have wanted to read for quite some time.  I'm planning to give more of her books a go, as I think Among Others may not have been the best as an intro to her writing.  And besides, I already have several more of her books on my physical TBR shelves.


A solid 3 stars.