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Starlight Volume 1 - review

Starlight Volume 1 - Mark Millar, Goran Parlov

Duke McQueen was a hero, having freed the people of the planet Tantalus from a tyrant 40 years ago. But on Earth? He is the former Air Force pilot whose wild tale of alien worlds is still laughed about. Now, Duke is in his mid sixties and a recent widower, mourning the loss of the one person who ever believed him. On the anniversary of her death, an envoy arrives from Tantalus. A hero is needed again.


Starlight had, for me, a wonderfully original take on the hero’s story. It also felt like a wonderful ode to hero’s journeys that had gone before. Just the uniforms reminded me of old favorites like Starblazers. I also appreciated the diversity of characters, such as Tilda Starr, the leader of the resistance and former head of the Queen’s Royal Guard.


The artwork was also reminiscent of older styles, and was part of what I enjoyed the most and the least. One of my favorite visual features was the juxtaposition of the younger and older versions of Duke, particularly when the 25 year old hero is riding a dragon with the older man in a “BBQ King” apron preparing a meal.   On the other hand, a one frame crowd shot seemed to include Heidi, Robin Hood and a Hun. Worse, while the planet Tantalus boasts advanced technologies, the women dress scantily while the males are fully covered.  


I have not read many comics or graphic novels, but this is definitely one of my favorites so far. I would definitely recommend this, but not to younger readers due to some adult content. Overall, a very enjoyable bind-up of the 6 Starlight issues, which includes the complete story arc. My thanks to the publisher for making this available as a Read Now ebook on NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.