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My Heart Stood Still by Lori Copeland - review

My Heart Stood Still - Lori Copeland

The three McDougal sisters, dressed as nuns from their latest con-job and prisoners in a jail wagon being chased by a group of Comanche warriors, are rescued by three men and taken in three different directions. My Heart Stood Still is the story of the middle sister, Anne-Marie McDougal, and her rescuer, Creed Walker.

Second in the “Sisters of Mercy Flats” series, this story reads like a high-octane old-fashioned western movie with a bit of slapstick and a touch of romance. Our main players are a red-headed con-artist, a half-Crow government agent, and his black partner named John Quincy Adams. Throw in stolen gold, wanted by both the North and the South as the Civil War is waning, Creed's Apache "blood-brother," a beautiful rival for Creed's affection, a crazy cat-lady healer, a crooked councilman, his henchman the sheriff, and stereotypical Mexican bad-guys for hire, as well as a deserted mission. Think Three Mules for Sister Sarah (minus the prostitution and bad Shirley MacLaine makeup), Blazing Saddles, and many black and white Hollywood westerns and add in just the right amount of genuine and growing Christian faith.

Now that is a fun, clean read! I will definitely be reading the rest of this series, and checking out other titles by Lori Copeland.

Please note that this appears to be a reissue of Promise Me Tomorrow which was published as a Historical Romance and not in the Inspirational category. This review refers only to the new edition of My Heart Stood Still. My thanks to Harvest House Publisher for making this available as a Read Now ebook on NetGalley, in exchange for honest reviews.