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Prudence by Gail Carriger

Prudence - Gail Carriger

Prudence is Gail Carriger at her effervescent and (yep, I'm going to pun) buoyant best.  This first book in the Custard Protocol series re-introduces a more mature Lady Prudence (Rue) Alessandra Macon to the reader, as she sets off on a tea related mission for her adoptive father, Lord Akeldama.  Along for the ride on the dirigible he gifts her, the Spotted Custard, are grown versions of the Tunstell twins, Primrose and Percy, and Quesnel Lefoux.


With parents such as hers, and those of her companions, can misadventure be far behind?  When sent off on even the most mundane task by the rove vampire, Lord Akeldama, nothing is ever quite as it seems and this group's jaunt to India is no exception.  



This is likely classifiable as a New Adult novel, but with just a bit of canoodling, a lot of flirting and a door left open for possibly more daring romantic entanglements in future books.  


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4.5/5 stars