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The Outlaw Takes a Bride by Susan Page Davis

The Outlaw Takes a Bride - Susan Page Davis

I just may have to add Susan Page Davis to my very short “I will read anything by this author” list under Inspirational Fiction (aka Christian Romance) if I continue to enjoy her books as much as I have Captive Trail and now Outlaw Takes a Bride. It doesn’t hurt that these books have had premises that align so closely with my tastes in this type of fiction, or that I find myself really liking her characters.


Johnny Paynter is on the run, after his friend Cam lets him know that he is a suspected murderer. They flee to Texas and Johnny’s brother’s ranch, but find Mark Paynter dead of bullet wounds. After being mistaken for his brother in town, Johnny follows Cam’s advice and lets everyone think that he is Mark. Including the mail-order bride that arrives within a matter of days.


4 out of 5 stars. Recommended for anyone who enjoys westerns, outlaws, mail-order brides and a sweet romance.


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This review refers to an ebook copy received from the publisher via NetGalley, in return for an honest review. I may need to buy a physical copy soon, so I can reread at my convenience.