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Quickly written, rambly/disjointed review of A Most Inconvenient Marriage by Regina Jennings

A Most Inconvenient Marriage (Ozark Mountain Romance Book #1) - Regina Jennings

I've been unable to focus on my reading lately, as I'm waiting to hear when the purchase of my new (tiny condo) home will close.  So the three books I have been reading, and planned to finish by today, have been left sitting with their bookmarks unmoved for the past week.  Then A Most Inconvenient Marriage showed up in my library account (loving the new auto-checkout feature on ebooks)...


I need to read more Regina Jennings.  Based on this book, she may become a favorite.  It has the right combination of drama, humor, romance and well integrated faith that I look for in Inspirational Romance.  I didn't even mind the love triangle/quadrangle thing that was going on as it was not the sole source of conflict.


Abigail is a (Yankee) Civil War nurse who has been proposed to by quite a few patients.  As the story begins, she accepts a very practical proposal from a dying (Rebel) soldier and, after the war is over, she travels to her deceased husband's horse farm to make it profitable while caring for his ailing sister. Soon she is establishing the beginning of a new life for herself as a widow.  But then Jeremiah returns, a completely different man who is determined to kick Abigail off his land and win his sweetheart back from the local doctor. 


Most of this was included in the book's blurb, and I wish I hadn't known ahead of time that Jeremiah was not the man Abigail married.  I really enjoyed the way the real Jeremiah was introduced, but it would have been more effective had I not known.    


So, to sum up my little ramble-in-need-of-editing, if you enjoy a well-written, clean romance then this is definitely one to add to your TBR list.  I highly recommend it, and hope to read more by this author soon.  The full ramble, if you really want to read it, is on my Wordpress blog: http://wp.me/p5Tcfi-1Q