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Supreme: Blue Rose - Warren Ellis, Tula lotay

I haven't read many graphic novels, partly because I am careful in choosing them.  Unfortunately, I knew very little about this particular title before requesting it.  Though it had aspects that I do enjoy - enigmatic characters, time travel, etc. - the story was a bit too confusing and generally not to my taste.  Especially as I was reading it at my desk during my lunch breaks only to happen across bits that were NSFW.


I did enjoy much of the artwork, though I didn't care for the "child with crayons" effect which made most of the pages look like they had been scribbled on.  It was also interesting to have another, somewhat related, "long running" serial interspersed with the main story.


Not one I would reread or recommend, but if you enjoy "multi-layered and often hallucinatory" time bending graphic novel mysteries then you might want to ignore me and give it a try.


I read a copy courtesy of the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.