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Middle Grade Book Review: Under the Egg by Laura Marx Fitzgerald

Under the Egg - Laura Marx Fitzgerald

Theodora (Theo) Tenpenny's grandfather, a security guard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a painter, has recently died.  This leaves Theo to care for her reclusive, eccentric mother and their ramshackle New York City home with only $463.  Her only hope of not losing her home, and ending up in foster care, lies in her Grandfather's last words to her, that there is a letter and a treasure "under the egg."

While this book is well written and the mystery involved is fully solved, I have reservations about recommending it for middle grade readers. My 12 year old niece and I agreed that this was written at a level that makes some of the content difficult for the average middle grader to understand. I also had an issue with a small amount of the content, which I explain more about in my full review on my blog at http://wp.me/p5Tcfi-3V.


The positive aspects as well as the skill of the writer in telling this story lead me to rate it 3/5 stars.  I simply wish it had been more appropriate to the age and more enjoyable to read as, like my niece, I had to force myself to continue several times (I also wish I had waited for a library copy, instead of purchasing it after being charmed by the cover and the descriptive storytelling on the first two pages).