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Tip of a Bone - Christine Finlayson

I received this book through a GoodReads giveaway.  This review was originally posted on GoodReads:

Tip of a Bone is a solid first novel by Christine Finlayson. A mystery with a generous dash of suspense, the first chapter sucks you in with a well conveyed sense of urgency and tension. What follow is the story of a woman compelled to investigate her brother's death and the mysteries connected to it, no matter what obstacles are thrown in her path.

Having moved to the Oregon coast to reconnect with her environmental activist brother and recover from a painful divorce, Maya is a well drawn protagonist that you want to root for. Throughout the book, the level of description was pitch perfect for environment, action and characters.

I did skim over three scenes in the book. To avoid spoilers, I'll just say that two of these were the type of scenes that I would fast forward through on a DVD while trying not to curl up in a tension ball and the third was where I was exasperated with Maya for making a really stupid personal decision. 

This is definitely a page turner and an enjoyable read.