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In Violet’s Wake by Robin Devereaux-Nelson

In Violet's Wake - Robin Devereaux-Nelson

In Violet’s Wake is a rollicking good-time of a book.  A road-trip/support group/”buddy film” type book full of male bonding and fighting and a whole lot of swearing.  And while the ending is not wholly unpredictable, it has good “pay-off.”


Husbands 2 – 5 are very diverse characters.  The relationships they build are interesting to observe, as they are initially based on the commonalities of being left by Violet, and having felt they were continually compared to husband #1, “dead Winston,” and the high school boyfriend, “the one that got away” Jake. (Is that a spoiler? I hope that's not a spoiler. I hate spoilers.)


Interspersed throughout the book are summary reports from Violet’s current therapist.  While these sometimes feel like interruptions, they do help add some needed dimension to Violet’s character.


Though this is Robin Devereaux-Nelson’s first novel, it is obvious that she is a skilled and experienced writer.  I highly recommend this book, with the caveat that you need to have a high tolerance for swearing – there is an awful lot of swearing.


I almost forgot to mention the cover.  Love this cover, including the spine which is green with "violet" lettering.  Kudos to whoever designed it, it is just right.


My copy was won through the Good Reads First Reads program.