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Wherein I Fangirl (but attempt not to gush over) Author Gail Carriger

Long before I was aware of Gail Carriger as an author, I unknowingly appreciated her as the woman in the gorgeous corset with buttons and spoons(!) on Pinterest.  And before I read any of her writing, I had a suspicion that I was going to love it.  Steampunk, victorian clothing, a finishing school that teaches espionage?  Sign me up!


Now, much of Steampunk literature disappoints me.  I find it boring and, much too often, poorly written.  So I was afraid this might end up being the case, but I took a chance with the first Finishing School series book and fell in "insta-love."  I didn't even mind the presence of werewolves and vampires.  It was just a spiffing good time!  And when I had finished the second Finishing School book, I was upset that I had to wait for the third and happy that there would be a fourth.  So, I decided to console myself with the adult series "The Parasol Protectorate" (of which I was unaware before reading the YA Finishing School series).  A bit heavy on the heaving bosoms, and it devolved into romance novel territory, but overall another spiffing good time, with even more werewolves and vampires (and I finally learned that the outrageous vampire was Lord Akeldama).  Now the only issues are how to rate/review the books I've read so far without overtly gushing, waiting for the second in the adult series to come in at the library... and not becoming a cyber stalker as I follow Gail Carriger around online.