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Miss Buncle's Book - D.E. Stevenson

Most of the books I have read from the 1930’s have been Literature with a capital L – Grapes of Wrath, Tobacco Road, etc.  So I was expecting this bit of fluff to be amusing at best.  I was surprised by an absolutely charming, enjoyable and all around lovely light read.  The language was not too archaic, and it could pass for a modern work written with a 1930’s flair while avoiding the pitfalls of overly sentimental, flowery language. 


I found myself smiling through much of Miss Buncle’s Book and I was still smiling after I closed the cover on my kindle.  I’m adding this to my list of favorite books and considering purchasing copies as gifts for my mother and grandmother (ages 70 and 92, respectively). 


I can’t, and won’t, wait to read the other two books in the trilogy since Miss Buncle’s Book (and her book within the book) were such a treat.