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Antitype, novella by M.D. Waters

Antitype (Archetype, #1.5) - M.D. Waters

A prequel novella that does a great job of giving a picture of what made Noah and Declan the men they are in Archetype, flipping back and forth between two seemingly unrelated storylines (and POV's).


Not a standard beginning-middle-end storyline, Antitype is each man's narrative of the pivotal four months prior to each meeting Emma.  As explained in the book's description, they come from very similar backgrounds and each has a set idea of what they want out of life, but end up in very different positions by the end of the novella.  


This will leave you wanting to read more (I am anxiously waiting for the paperback release of Prototype), but slightly conflicted about one of these men if you have read Archetype (which I highly recommend).   Well worth the $1.99 (plus tax) on Amazon's US site.