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Review of Solomon the Peacemaker by Hunter Welles

Solomon the Peacemaker - Hunter Welles

Have you ever felt like a book messed with your mind? This is the case for me with Solomon the Peacemaker, perhaps even more so because of the delay in realizing that it had happened. I finished reading it in the evening – and had to reread the ending, which is so simply and subtly written that if you are not paying close enough attention you will miss the brutal but inevitable climactic event and wonder where the next page is – and it wasn’t until I was in the shower the following morning that I stopped and asked myself what was real. That was the moment I realized that I had been truly manipulated by a deftly written story.


Solomon the Peacemaker is a confessional, it is the story of a series of events being related by a prisoner, Vincent Chell, to an interrogator whose name and words have been fully redacted. As a literary device, this is not something that I thought would appeal to me, but it is used with such skill that it does not detract from or interfere with the flow of the writing. There is no need to stop and figure out what was said or asked, just to continue reading Vincent’s story about how he and his wife became involved with a cult-like figure called Preacher, and how it led to Vincent being a suspected terrorist.


This review refers to an ebook copy received through a BookLikes giveaway. In exchange, this is my honest review.