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The Compound by S.A. Bodeen - quick review

Compound - S.A. Bodeen

An interesting YA read with a protagonist that has lived for six years in a rather luxurious fall-out shelter with his family.  Suffering from survivors guilt and fully aware that he is not the nice twin, Eli is just beginning to question his father's motives.  Having an initially unlikeable narrator actually helped me get caught up in the story as he starts to wonder what his twin would have done...


I read this book to preview it as a possible gift for my thirteen year old nephew.  While I don't think he is mature enough to handle some of the realities of Eli's situation, I found it an enjoyable read.


If you like YA dystopian/survival fiction with a decently quick pace/tight plotting, along with some potentially gruesome but not overly graphic twists, then The Compound would be a great choice.  I'll read the sequel at some point, hopefully my library will add it to their ebook collection soon.