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Heartless by Gail Carriger - brief review

Heartless  - Gail Carriger

In Heartless, the fourth entry of The Parasol Protectorate series, Alexia (Tarabotti) Maccon is once again busy getting herself into a pickle while solving some issue that may or may not threaten the British nation.  Typical Alexia, however, this time she is waddling and capsizing her way around London and beyond in a state of advanced pregnancy.  The unending references to her size and mobility grated a bit, but did not detract too much from the author's ability to be thoroughly amusing.  


Lord Conall Maccon is, unfortunately, mostly absent from this installment.  But when he is there, he is much improved from the unreasonable werewolf alpha that was necessary for the situation in the previous.  He has, in fact, seemed to learn how to navigate around his wife's moods and preferences rather deftly.  All while living in Lord Alkedama's closet and putting up with drones who insist on a properly tied cravat.


Another good development is that we learn more of Alexia's father.   And of course, we do get to enjoy more Floote.  


Gail Carriger is one of a few authors whose writing I know I can count on to be vastly entertaining.  I'm looking forward to reading the fifth and final book of the series, and to beginning the new Custard Protocol series when Prudence debuts in a few months.