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Once Human, short stories by Steve Tomasula - Review

Once Human: Stories - Steve Tomasula

Once Human is a collection of 9 distinct short stories. I struggle to find the words to describe the reading experience beyond "different." The stories are well written and include what I think of as illustrations for mature readers - added interest in the form of graphics, typography, and manipulation of text.


These stories are not easy reading, as they left me with a feeling of being slightly off kilter. The story I was able to enjoy the most was the one with which I could identify most closely, but left me unsatisfied in comparison to the meaty (if that is an allowable term for literature) nature of the others. The rest of the stories are definitely a case where the POV is from a very different angle on life, and I would recommend this collection if you are looking for something out of the norm of short fiction.


This review refers to a copy received through the Good Reads FirstReads program.