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Taking a pass on this series...

By Jean Johnson The Sword (The Sons of Destiny, Book 1) (Reprint) [Mass Market Paperback] - Jean Johnson

I decided to give the Sons of Destiny series a try, after having enjoyed Jean Johnson's Shifting Plains books.  But the solid world building of Shifting Plains was missing, and the lecturing was worse than the overdone cheese-making of The Shifter.


I must say that this was a disappointment and that, though I completed the book, I did not like the characters or the storyline.  The one world building item that was of interest was the description of the "refreshing room," as this was included but never described in the other books I've read set in this universe, and the only fun-to-read part was the attack of the water-snake things and the "cure" scene that followed.  It was interesting to see a young Eduor from Finding Destiny, along with his father and brother, but he was almost a non-entity and his family were too close to being caricatures of Spanish explorers.  


Though I generally like to finish a series once I start it, this is one that I will be stopping with the first book.  Even having read the synopsis of each of the sequels, there was nothing to compel my reading further.  I'm quite glad this was a library e-book and that I did not spend my money as well as my time to read it.