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Review: Aliens in Paris, a novella by Sally Ann Melia

Aliens in Paris - Sally Ann Melia

A quick, fun lunch-time read. Written as a sample, according to the author's note on Smashwords, this short novella abounds with champagne, cigarettes, and two athletically built, part-cyborg aliens named Guy & Teo (one could take this as a bit of a spoiler for Guy Erma & the Son of Empire, which I am currently reading & enjoying).


The POV is a female police officer in Paris. First person narrative is not my favorite, but in this case it worked well. The story lacks development and has other areas that could be improved, should the author choose to develop it further, but I found this easy to forgive as I sped through what read quite a bit like a stream of consciousness voice-over with maps and images. Great fun! (I'm trying to limit the number of times I write 'fun,' really I am!)


For a well-developed, action-packed, interesting sci-fi read check out book one of the Guy Erma series (the author is working on book 2). But for sheer entertainment with limited time, give Aliens in Paris a go!


3.5 stars for sheer entertainment value.