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Cress by Marissa Meyer - a quick review

Cress - Marissa Meyer

Another solid entry in the Lunar Chronicles series, Marissa Meyer continues to adapt fairy tales into a highly entertaining science fiction story.  When Cress was briefly introduced in the first novel, I immediately began looking forward to learning more about her, and when Carswell Thorne was introduced in the second, I became impatient. 


Knowing the entire traditional story of Rapunzel, I had hopes for certain spoiler-ish story elements to be included and I was not disappointed. 


Cress herself is adorable, and I greatly enjoyed her characterization.  I also liked that Thorne underwent some character development, though the focus remains more on the female rather than male characters.  Marissa Meyer has a definite talent for taking static characters and breathing new life into them.  She also does an excellent job of keeping the story moving while incorporating more main characters in each successive novel.  This third book in particular shows these strengths, where even the scenes with Prince Kai (which were rather boring in the previous novel) are interesting and necessary to the narrative.


Definitely one of my favorite YA series, I am looking forward to continuing with Fairest and, eventually, Winter.