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Nowhere Girl by A.J. Paquette

Nowhere Girl - A.J. Paquette

Luchi is a thirteen year old American girl, born and raised in an up-country Thai prison.  When her mother dies, she begins to discover more about the secrets that were kept and about herself as she leaves the prison and truly experiences the outside world for the first time.  As she goes on a journey to find family, she meets those who help her, and at least one who betrays her.  


Told in three parts (Departure, Deliverance, Discovery), this is easily the most poetically written middle grade novel I have ever read.  When speaking of the rain in particular, the language is absolutely beautiful. 


While I highly recommend this book, it is with the caveat that is for more mature readers regardless of the middle school designation.  Though a story of a girl's journey to find herself and her family, it also includes elements (parental death, prison, attempted abduction with a syringe, drug use) that might make it more suitable for older readers.