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The Blue Fox by Sjon - Review

The Blue Fox - Victoria Cribb, Sigurjón Birgir Sigurðsson (Sjón)

A hunter/pastor, a sensitive herbalist, a young woman with Down's Syndrome, and a blue fox. The interesting, lyrically written and action packed narrative of a hunter (known first as simply "the man") and the fox who could literally and figuratively run circles around him gives way to a round-about and sweet tale of an empathetic young man who takes in (well, purchases) an innocent who is a victim of those who should have cared for her. These two intersected and entwined storylines reach an unsettlingly satisfactory ending, all wrapped up in the blue fox's transformative pelt.


This is, as described, a story that lives in the realms of fable, fairy tale and mystery. Having first read Sjon's The Whispering Muse, I would suggest The Blue Fox as the better work to start with.


My suspicion is that this was a difficult book to translate, so as always, I read this with an appreciation not just for the writer's craft but for the translator's skill as well.