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DNF with a bit of an explanation

H2O - Virginia Bergin

A month or so ago, my 13 year old nephew came home from Barnes & Noble and shared the pictures he had taken on his phone of all the books he was curious about.  He asked me about H2O in particular (we both enjoy dystopians), I looked up reviews, and advised him that it probably wouldn't be one he would enjoy.  Then I saw some cute "booktube" videos on YouTube about the sequel, so I thought I would give it a try (I don't always agree with other reviewers).


Unfortunately, I am quickly DNF'ing this book.  The criticism's I've read are valid so far as the narrator, Ruby, being annoying is concerned but what clinched it for me was the content in the beginning. It did not appeal to me as a reader and would not be appropriate to share with my young nephew.  


I think it would be unfair to give this book a star rating based on the bit that I read, so I'll forego that and simply say "no!" to this and the sequel.