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Review: Gunpowder Alchemy (Gunpowder Chronicles Book 1) by Jeannie Lin

Gunpowder Alchemy (The Gunpowder Chronicles) - Jeannie Lin


Soling, her family living in disgrace, is forced to travel to the city to sell the last Jin family keepsake.  Apprehended by the city police, she is taken before Crown Prince Yizhu, who wishes to use her as bait to lure one of her father’s supporters, Yang Hanzhu, in hopes of obtaining a missing formula. It is then she also meets her former betrothed, Chang-wei, for the first time.


What follows is quite the adventure, with kidnappings, Soling’s first exposure to the Yangguizi (English), river pirates, gunpowder engines, tainted opium, rebellion, and encounters with Lady Su and the Heavenly Kingdom Army. And during all of this, a growing attraction, though Soling considers herself to have long been rendered unmarriageable due to her family’s disgrace. 


3.5/5 stars. While I enjoyed Gunpowder Alchemy, I just never felt excited by the story. It is beautifully written, but the characters seemed to lack a certain spark. Except maybe Yang, who I mention more in the full review on my Wordpress blog:http://wp.me/p5Tcfi-12