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Book Review: From A Distant Star by Karen McQuestion

From a Distant Star - Karen McQuestion

I had high hopes for From A Distant Star, tempered by a 3 star review and a bad experience with a better known YA alien possession novel. I was a bit disappointed, but will still rate it 3 stars as the story was interesting and I did find some positive points.


Emma is a girl from the “wrong side” and her boyfriend Lucas is the popular, blond football star of their high school. As Emma narrates the story, we learn that she is devoted to him and will go to any lengths to combat the cancer that has left him comatose. When he wakes she is, of course, one of the only people to notice that he is not himself. An alien, Scout, is using his body as a host. And then the men/women in black show up, so the adventure really begins.


What I liked was the consistent characterizations and POV choices.  I also like that this was not a typical YA romance.  There weren't really any new romantic developments, just the memories of Emma's relationship with Lucas and Scout's with a female from his planet.


What I did not like? Emma and Lucas, whose relationship is probably not a healthy one. I never like the inclusion of a witch and potions and there were also just a few too many lucky coincidences.


So, not a book I would recommend or reread, but if you enjoy YA sci-fi/fantasy and the premise interests you, then don’t listen to me. Go and get a copy and judge for yourself.  3/5 stars.


I read an ebook review copy courtesy of the publisher through NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review.  The full review can be read on my Wordpress blog at http://wp.me/p5Tcfi-3m


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