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Creepy Reads #monthlyrecs

Constance and Tiny - Pierre Le Gall, Éric Héliot, Eric Heliot Constance and the Great Escape - Pierre Le Gall, Éric Héliot, Eric Heliot The Substitute Teacher from the Black Lagoon - Mike Thaler How to Destroy the New Girl's Killer Robot Army: Slug Pie Story #3 - Mick Bogerman Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier The Radleys - Matt Haig Horrorstor -  Grady Hendrix

I joined a group on GoodReads that gives a topic for bloggers and vloggers to do monthly recommendations.  October was, appropriately, "creepy reads."  Not being a horror reader, I pulled from all age groups to make my list and chose to be a bit liberal in my interpretation (Horrorstor is the creepiest title here but was not in my original blogpost http://wp.me/p5Tcfi-55).  


There is a title missing still - a specific Hardy Boys mystery where they go to a creepy old house and encounter black widow spiders.  Because of this book, I have been creeped out by the thought of black widow spiders since approximately 1979.  If you happen to know which Hardy Boys title this is, please let me know.


November's topic is Favorite Trilogies, which might actually be more challenging for me than this was.  Perhaps the term "trilogy" will have to become conveniently flexible in whether or not it includes novellas.  Hmmm....