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Dreamspinner - Merita King

Just found this through Twitter - Merita King is a self-published sci-fi author & the description on Amazon US sounds interesting:


"What is your worst nightmare?

Tearan Lindo, serving soldier with the Inter-Galactic Elite Command, found himself living his (nightmare?) when he woke up apparently alone on an empty and abandoned space ship with no memory other than his own name, age, and rank.

He soon finds that he is not alone aboard the Novosentia, but where are the other three? The friendly engineer, the haunted doctor, and the mysterious hired gun. Who are they and why can he never find them? What is causing the shadows, the noises, and the time discrepancies? Then there is the woman from the nightmares who feels so familiar. Desperate for answers, Tearan and his companions struggle to make sense of their situation.

When he stumbles upon evidence of a scientific involvement, Tearan realises he got it all wrong. They’re not survivors after all, they’re lab rats.
Angry and frightened for his future, he fights to uncover the truth.
What he discovers is more profoundly shocking than he could ever have imagined."


I do enjoy a good memory loss story... hope this one is good (recently watched Dark Matter season 1 on NetFlix and enjoyed it - except the "evil twin" type bit where you know the actor is playing another character because of the dark eyeliner).