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Stuff Every Bride Should Know by Michelle Park Lazette

Stuff Every Bride Should Know - Michelle Park Lazette

Starting with "what to do now that you are engaged," this handy little guide goes through different aspects of every stage from engagement through the honeymoon.


Some of the advice is common sense, and some covers things that might be overlooked with all of the bigger decisions that a modern wedding demands.  From the practical and mundane to the more romantic aspects, and even the potentially stressful (i.e. How to Write Your Vows - Or Not), all are treated with equal importance.  Not much, I'm guessing, is not touched on - including how to reschedule or cancel a wedding.  My one quibble is with an early section of Six Questions to Ask Your Intended.  Unless your acquaintance with your intended is very short (and perhaps that should be a concern?), it would be better to have some of these questions answered before the proposal.


The final section of the book is "The Checklist."  It is more than a checklist. It is also advice, summary and an index, with many bullet pointed items including a page reference that will make looking back for more detail extremely easy.  


Overall, this is a handy reference guide full of advice from engagement to the wedding and beyond.  The size (3 1/2" x 5 3/4"), as with all of these "should know" books from Quirk, is perfect for a pocket or purse, though you might prefer the option of an e-book on your smartphone.


This is an edited version of the review originally posted on my WordPress blog at http://wp.me/p5Tcfi-16I and refers to a copy I won from the publisher in a BookLikes giveaway. It includes only my honest opinion.  While reviews are encouraged, they are not required.