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The Convenient Groom by Denise Hunter

The Convenient Groom  - Denise Hunter

If you enjoy a marriage of convenience story and are looking for a quick, light, beach worthy read - this is it!  Kate is a neat-freak, overly organized, type A personality made sympathetic through circumstances and a sad childhood backstory.  Lucas is, well, he's just downright charming and has his own bit of sad backstory to boot.


Lucas is a bit of a knight in shining armor, rescuing a suddenly vulnerable Kate from the public humiliation and professional devastation of being a jilted bride.  What Kate doesn't know is that he's been in love with her for three years - and that he is a "messy" (her moment of realization is pretty amusing).  Some of the fun of this particular story is how opposite they are, and how opposed to this sort of match Dr. Kate is in her counseling practice and in her book - also fun is having a quote from her book at the start of each chapter.


Along with the fun aspects, there are also the parts meant to be touching.  And those parts are treated with a light touch, but do serve to make the characters more sympathetic and add dimension to the main and some secondary characters.  I must admit that I did tear up at one point - I mention this because if a book is meant to be touching and I don't tear up at all, then it has pretty much failed in that regard.


A marriage of convenience story in the romance genre generally has some foregone conclusions, and the enjoyment for the reader comes in the journey to that happy ending. In the case of Christian fiction, it is also their faith journey, which is nicely done here.


This is a sweetly satisfying read.  I often think of these sorts of books as brain candy, and cotton candy is what comes to mind for The Convenient Groom. Spun sugar at the beach.  4/5 stars


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