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Miss Cayley is Practically Perfect

Miss Cayley's Adventures - Grant Allen

Serendipity, coincidence, ingenuity, and just plain dumb luck are all on the side of plucky heroine Lois Cayley in Grant Allen's Miss Cayley's Adventures.  At times the perfection of Miss Cayley wears a bit thin, but her personality and observations remain enjoyable throughout.  


While the book was originally published in 1899, the writing style does not feel extremely dated.  Some of the language, however, is no longer acceptable and the author chose to alter grammar to indicate that characters are speaking in German. 


As I was reading Miss Cayley, I started thinking that this was probably the sort of book that Frederick Arbuthnot of "The Enchanted April" would have written, though his work would have been a bit more on the scandalous side than Miss Cayley. Then I read somewhere that one of Grant Allen's pseudonyms was J. Arbuthnot Wilson.  Hmmm...


Sometimes it is nice to read a book where you know that everything will turn out well and this is just such a quick, enjoyable read.  So glad I started following Gail Carriger around online, because I'm discovering little gems like this through her.