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The Radleys by Matt Haig

The Radleys - Matt Haig

I don’t generally gravitate towards supernatural novels, but I was intrigued by the description and the cover (even though I don't tend to like the girl-in-a-pretty-dress covers).  I was expecting a light read, a YA vampire novel.  This is so not your typical vampire novel and it is so not within the bounds of what I understand to be YA.  This is an adult novel about a British family (with secrets worthy of a soap opera – but better) going through a crisis and the titular family happens to be vampires.  And those vampires just happen to be abstaining from human (or vampire) blood.


By giving just the barest of snippets, there is no filler or fluff here and all is inter-related and entwined, Matt Haig propels you through the story.


It was so hard to put down... I just wanted to try the first chapter (but there aren't really chapters, it is just sectioned off by days & then by scene with titles & quotes from The Abstainers Handbook (second edition) thrown in here and there) but I ended up reading the entire first section before I could put it down.  And then I had to pick it back up and continue - it wasn't quite midnight... which led me to wonder, why is it not acceptable to call in to work as "I need to finish this book?"