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The Clock Struck None by Lou Antonelli

The Clock Struck None - Lou Antonelli, Scott A. Cupp

A collection of 28 previously published stories, The Clock Struck None is an interesting mix of alternative and secret histories.  Each story is prefaced with a short introduction that explains where it was first published and a bit about the writing of or inspiration behind the story. 


While a majority of the stories take place in Texas, they vary greatly in time, subject and character.  Thankfully, the point of view shifts between stories as well.  Some are more successful than others, but this is something I expect in a collection of short stories.  For me, some of the least successful were those involving actual historic figures.  The most successful were the slightly more fantastic, those that left me thinking  “hmmm.”  The sixth story, “Double Exposure,” left me feeling nostalgic for fotomat booths.


An enjoyable collection with some intriguing premises which could use a last good edit for typos, including one on the back cover, as well as missing and extra words. 


This review refers to a copy received through the Goodreads First Reads program.